AWEX proud supporter of the 5th edition of the Belgian Market Day14/10/2018

On Saturday 6th October 2018, the 5th edition of the Belgian market day took place at the Fourways Farmers Market, north of Joburg.

The AWEX, the representation of the economic interests of Wallonia in South Africa, was naturally present, amongst the other 40 stallholders.

AWEX has been on board of this initiative, since the 1st edition in 2013 was launched by the Belgian Chamber of Commerce for Southern Africa. The idea for this market was to showcase companies that are present in South Africa, selling Belgian products or Belgian individuals who have started their own business in the country.

 “The AWEX is a proud supporter of this initiative since the beginning as we see it as a unique opportunity for Belgian products to find a broader audience in a very relaxed environment” says Jean-Pierre Muller, Trade & Investment Commissioner at AWEX Johannesburg.

This year, we have to highlight some successful stories of collaboration between Belgium and South Africa. Among them, Chocoloza a South African chocolatier who was inspired by the Belgian “pralines” and decided to produce them here in Joburg with only the finest ingredients. Then there is “Aux Petit Four”, a catering business specialized in cakes and brownies, using only the best Belgian chocolate. The “Gaufre de Liège” is another delicacy from the South of Belgium, a thicker and sweeter version of the Brussels waffle. Von Pickartz, the brainchild of a South African, was baking those delicious waffles following the strict recipe that makes them so yummy ! And then we can’t ignore the Belgian beers, they are always big crowd-pleasers! La Chouffe, one of the most famous beers originating from Wallonia, was available to beer lovers.

“If you are looking at sourcing or importing any product from Wallonia, please give us a call, we will gladly help you and put you in contact with the right partners” says Jean-Pierre Muller.