Belgian beer is added to UNESCO cultural heritage list 15/01/2017

2016 ended with excellent news for Belgian beers: they have been added to the ‘intangible cultural heritage of humanity’ list of the UNESCO.

Beers have been part of Belgium for many centuries. Some of the best beers in the world are made by Trappist monks, based on recipes that were developed many years ago. Belgium counts around 200 breweries in activity, spread in all 3 regions. It is estimated that Belgium produces about 1500 different beers. There is a vast array of flavours and varieties of Belgian beers, from fruity, to red ale, lambic, amber, white beer, saison… The tasting of beers is a cultural happening; there are beer festivals, beer cafés, beer museums, beer and food pairing… The consumption amounts to 71 litres per year per capita, which is much higher than the average consumption in South Africa (58 litres) but way less than the world champion: the Czech Republic with 142 litres per year!

The last few years have seen the explosion of small, craft brewers that are keen to develop new flavours in order to attract new consumers.

South Africans can have a taste of some of these delectable beers as around 20 various brands are sold  in the major cities around the country (see list herewith: . Brands like Leffe, La Chouffe, Leopold 7, Duvel, Vedett, Lindemans, Maredsous, Gulden Draak, … are available in some supermarkets (PnP, Spar Tops, Liquor City, Makro), in specialised liquor shops (eg Bootleggers) and also at various bars in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Best addresses to taste one of these delightful beers are:  Den Anker (CT).The Beerhouse (JHB and CT), Capital Craft (Pretoria) and at the new restaurant ‘The Belgian Triple’ (also in Pretoria),

Please do not hesitate to share with us your best address for drinking a nice Belgian beer away from home! :-)