Everything you need to know to succeed in South Africa !28/08/2020

Everything you need to know to succeed in business in South Africa is now available in a single document published by the AWEX office in Johannesburg, entitled "Vade-mecum for the Wallonian exporter and investor in South Africa".

Vade-mecum is Latin for «go with me».  "And this is exactly what AWEX is pursuing in this project", says Jean-Pierre Muller, head of AWEX Johannesburg. "We want to take our exporters and entrepreneurs into the South African adventure! We refer in particular to the Wallonia Region of Belgium specific subsidies, export services, and action programmes for South Africa, hence the reference of Wallonia in the title. However, the vade-mecum is not only for Wallonians! In fact, anyone interested in this market will find a mine of information, practical advice and professional references in the document", says Muller. The knowledge of French is required, though, as the vade-mecum is currently only available in that language.

The vade-mecum is structured into 15 fact sheets that complement each other and form an integrated document covering the most frequent requests for information and legal questions that prospective exporters or investors may have in relation to the South African market. The first nine sheets are aimed specifically at prospective exporters willing to explore the South African market. The last six sheets deal with different aspects of local regulations and are therefore particularly aimed at potential investors.

The document will soon be published in hard copy, but for the time being it is already available in its electronic version and can be emailed to anyone interested upon request to the AWEX office in Johannesburg at johannesburg@awex-wallonia.com