Liège Airport named best cargo airport in the world14/11/2020

On 29 October 2020, Liege Airport (LGG) received the “Best Cargo Hub of the Year” Award on the occasion of the 36th Air Cargo News Awards that were held in London.

Liege Airport was nominated alongside four major contenders: Amsterdam Schiphol, Anchorage International Airport (USA), Brussels Airport and Hong Kong International Airport. But it was Liège Airport that soared the highest!

It is true that LGG has been the fastest growing airport in Europe for several years now. In addition to its exceptional location, it can rely on good rail links (with China in particular) to attract potential customers. It is therefore the flexibility of its service offer that remains Liège Airport's major advantage over its competitors.

Based on the first ten months of the year, Liège Airport will handle more than 500 million parcels in 2020, a dramatic expansion compared to the 9 million parcels handled in 2018 and 360 million in 2019. This fantastic development is partly the consequence of the creation of the European logistics hub of the Chinese company Alibaba in Liege.

The airport employs some 9,500 people, directly or indirectly. More than 900 additional jobs will be created in 2021 by Alibaba.

LGG has 8 directs flights per week to Johannesburg: 1 Magma, 3 Qatar Airways and 4 Ethiopian Airlines. Those are all direct flights, with no change of airplanes, no unloading and reloading the cargo. Additionally, South Africa is also connected to LGG by Astral Aviation via Nairobi.

Moreover, the biggest airline in Liege is ASL Belgium (formerly TNT Airways). The ASL Group is also the most important shareholder of FlySafair.

So, there is a lot of "connecting points" between LGG and South Africa!

To read the press release from Liège Airport on winning the Award, click here.