NLMK – from Clabecq to South Africa 14/04/2023

On March 8th 2023, NLMK South Africa has inaugurated its new warehouse in Johannesburg, in the presence the Ambassador of Belgium to South Africa, HE Paul Jansen and our Trade & Investment Commissioner Mrs. Catherine Bauwens. 

NLMK South Africa is part of the NLMK Group, global steelmaker, and answers a growing demand for abrasion-resistant Quard and high-Yield strength Quend Steel plates that are produced at the Belgian branch in Clabecq.  

NLMK SA was created in 2018 through an agreement with Duferco Trading, distributor of the Belgian products of NLMK in South Africa.  

Today, the market continues to grow, thanks to the high interest of the mining sector. The products supplied by NLMK South Africa (Quench and Tempered steels) focus on mining applications where wear products are needed. As the market is growing, the company is also developing. Over the past 3 years, the growth rate of NLMK South Africa was 250% and their workforce went from 16 employees in 2018 to 23 today. And of course, such an impressive growth rhymes with new investments, new products, new equipment, new facility. 

NLMK SA has extended its range of products with Commercial Quality Plates and Pressure Vessel Plates and is also looking into Tool Steel, Martensitic Steel and thicker plates. As part of further investments, it will also Invest in a press brake, offering bending inhouse, as well as drilling and a chamfer line. This will allow the company to offer a full Steel Service Centre range of products and services to its customers.   

The new warehouse in Johannesburg, inaugurated on March 8th, is state-of-the-art facility. Its 13 000 sqm will enable the company to hold higher stock of different grades, resulting in a 35% increase of its stock holding capacity with plans to grow up to 50%. It is the reflection of the strong and growing presence of NLMK in South Africa and the company is now looking forward to strengthening its ties with its partners and customers in the region.