The Skate School, a project with true social impact.19/04/2023

A state visit is also an opportunity to discover some gems, some fantastic projects that truly deserve to be highlighted.

“With skateboarding, we attract children, we take them out of the street and once they are here, we offer them a structuring framework, a meal, homework assistance, psychological support, and more” explains Kay Mahonde-Chaterera, Director of the Center who believes in the power of integration and works very closely with the community and the schools.

This Skateschool is located in New Doornfontein, in Johannesburg CBD and is hosting about a hundred students aged 5 to 17, on a daily basis. It provides "Skate and Create" program, which consists of one hour of skateboarding and one hour of creative education based on arts. In the skatepark and in the classroom, educators guide activities to promote well-being, equality, creative expression, and natural science literacy. 

This great project was born from a collaboration between the Brussels based company THE SKATEROOM and the German NGO Skateistan. They build skateparks, develop educational facilities and resource programs through the sale of custom skateboards by great artists such as Keith Haring, Paul McCarthy or Robin Rhode.

In total, Skateistan runs programs in 4 locations in South Africa: New Doornfontein, Tembisa, in Gauteng, Atlantis in the Western Cape and Parkside and Mdantsnae in Eastern Cape province, and many other places around the world.

On the 24th of March 2023, Their Majesties the King and Queen of the Belgians were in the Skate school in New Doornfontein. They visited the facilities, engaged with the staff and the children and against all expectations, His Majesty the King stepped onto a skateboard himself and truly made the show! 

The Skate School is in need of support for its nutrition program which runs daily in Johannesburg and will hopefully commence in 2023 in the other locations should the funds become available. Donations in kind are also welcome.

We find this project so inspiring that we would gladly put any potential sponsor in touch with the management of the Skate School. 

Do reach out if you are interested:

Awex Johannesburg

+27 11 463 0378