Wallonia sponsors Sizanani Mentorship Programme03/10/2023

"I graduated in 2021 with a degree in Biodiversity and Conservation from the University of the Western cape. The Walloon Region has paid my tuition fees for my 4th year (honors degree) that I am currently completing.. It has given me the opportunity to pursue my academic career with enthusiasm and determination, knowing that there are caring people who believe in my potential," writes Carol Kgaditsoe (photo), one of the 40 university students from Alexandra township funded by the Walloon Region (through Wallonia Brussels International). A total of 17,000 Euros (R 328,510) has been allocated in 2023 to these students, who are being mentored by the NGO "Sizanani mentorship programme" (www.sizanani.org.za). In addition, six young people who have launched micro-enterprises are being coached by members of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce for Southern Africa.